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The themes of 'To Kill A Mockingbird' are represented in this graphic created in Wordle by M. LaFleche. 



A novel is nothing unless it has one or more themes woven onto the pages.  A theme can be summarized as a lesson learned at the end of the story.  Themes vary from novel to novel.  Some common themes in novels today include racism, predjudice, life, love, loss, morality etc.  Harper Lee embeds several themes onto the pages of her novel To Kill A Mockingbird.



Below are several links to free online activities related to the themes in the novel TKAM.


1.  The major themes of good and evil, education, social inequality, mockingbird, perspective, racism, bravery and the law are discussed in Grade Saver - Free Online Study Guides.


2.  There are several themes that are developed in the novel, TKAM.  SparkNotes discusses the following themes:  the coexistence of Good and Evil, the Importance of Moral Education, and the Existence of Social Inequality. 


3.  Homework Online tackles the themes of racism and acceptance, code of conduct and deceptive appearances.







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